Chat PDF file – Open post


PDF FILE: Later night chat

PDF FILE: Dec. 11th chat

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  1. Sage says:

    My electricity flickered off and on a couple of times. I hope we don’t lose it tonight.

  2. drsharonschuetz says:

    That sure wouldn’t be any fun.

    Sage Reply:

    No,it wouldn’t. I couldn’t read myself to sleep very well. Fortunately we have gas logs that would heat the house but the water needs electricity for the pump….we have a well.

  3. Sage says:

    Well, I’m going to bed. Hope you all have a great night and I’ll see you tomorrow.

  4. drsharonschuetz says:

    Good night Sage. I’m headed that way too. See you tomorrow.

  5. LT says:

    The Chief has a new post on his wordpress site.. About “the tape”..that was

  6. likeatrainwreck says:

    I’m not going to API anymore…I get cooties there. What’s it say LT?

    I needed a night off from chat…my filter was worn out.

    LT Reply:

    *hands you some anti-cootie cream* Go look..lmao

  7. LT says:

    “The final leg is now coming on the Michelle Obama tape*
    it didn’t have two legs in the first place..lmao

  8. LT says:

    A man walks into a doctor’s office and asks the doctor to inspect his leg. The man says, “Here, put your ear to my knee.”

    The doctor puts his ear to the man’s knee and hears very faintly, “Come on, can I hear the tape, just a few minutes of the TAPE?”

    The doctor steps back in horror, and the man says, “I know, but it gets worse. Put your ear to my shin.” The doctor puts his ear to the man’s shin and hears very faintly, “Come on, can I hear the tape, maybe 5 minutes of the TAPE?”

    Once again, the doctor stands up, very perplexed. The man then says, “If that surprises you, put your ear to my ankle.” The doctor puts his ear to the man’s ankle and hears oh so faintly, “Come on, can I hear the tape, 10 minutes of the TAPE?”

    The doctor then stands up and says, “Well, I can make just one conclusion. Your leg is broke in three places and I do not have any tape to fix it.”

  9. alisilver says:

    I once again did NOT get any snow ! :(

  10. alisilver says:


  11. Grace says:

    Good morning everyone!

  12. Grace says:

    DrS, I read the chat. How convinient that Bones Boy “understood” Cloud now, yeah right! Since when Bones Boy is that close to Sammy, to speak to his attorney. I have always known Hope and Cloud…Bones just showed her power and authority all of the sudden…dead give away. Bones’s beautiful daisy flower avatar is a dead give away also.

  13. LT says:

    Did anyone see how MommaE messed up in API chat? It was like she could be using two names in there..

    mommaEradioRebels:I also listened to Berg’s Assistants interview on March Report and it was excellent. I see she talked about the phone call that she and MommaE made to Hawaii and the info we got.

    likeatrainwreck Reply:

    I knew it.

    Something wrong with her posts. She disappears then comes back a rabid followers. Doesn’t add up.

  14. LT says:

    Why would MommaE refer herself as she?

    Cartoon Pig Dog Reply:

    I don’t know, maybe I will ask cartoon pig doag and see if he knows

    Cartoon Pig Dog Reply:

    dog*, lol

    Grace Reply:

    lololol…I think these people have so many alias that they confused themselves

    Cartoon Pig Dog Reply:

    I asked mommae about it, she gave an explanation, but I’m not quite sure I understood it

  15. LT says:

    Hey!, Yea she is a queer player in all this for sure.
    Be back in 30

  16. I’m not going to hide in chat anymore, I got bored as MyTildyToo last night and went ahead and told them to tell the chief Alf said to f*ck off. Then the chief (?) showed up in there this morning and asked everyone to love him,, lol,

  17. Grace says:

    lol, you go alf, i mean cpd

  18. Grace says:

    LT, I posted Sage’s comment for you…

  19. Grace says:

    CPD, are you there?

    Cartoon Pig Dog Reply:

    there, or here? I’m there, still as MyTildyToo

    Grace Reply:

    Do you want your answer why was Bones was mad at flower? I have the answer now

    Grace Reply:

    Here, I do not go there.

    Grace Reply:

    Bones Boy is Cloud.
    And Cloud is Bonnie.

    And now read this comment of Sage

    Sage Says:
    December 9th, 2008 at 12:26 pm
    As you know, I don’t post email addresses and ISP’s on this blog, but Grace’s research turned up something I think you all should know about.

    Please go here:

    Scan down to number 8 and see if you recognize the email address…..that email address has been found to engage in spam.

    LT Reply:

    I have it from a reliable source that they are not the same. They have talked both to bones and Clowd on the phone. What do you have that connects the two? ..besides bones defending Clowd and bones getting Sammy to ban people that bring up Clowd real name etc?

    Grace Reply:

    I came into the conclusion with my observation on chats

    likeatrainwreck Reply:

    I have gotten the same info.

    Now it’s just a giant game of “Who Am I?”….which i admit is better than “Where’s the Magic Tape”

    Grace Reply:

    Yes siree…

  20. Grace says:

    Have to do laundry…BBL

  21. LT says:

    Grace.. OK. Yes, I saw that. I found that awhile back too. :-)
    Making coffee brb

  22. LT says:

    Cartoon you was TIDDY?LOL

  23. I will be gone for awhile, I’ll check back in later, ya all have a good day

    LT Reply:

    MommaE’ had a lame excuse.. I guess it is her age.. yaknow..

  24. LT says:

    Grace, I thought so too until a friend let me know that I was wrong and she had talked to both bones and Clowd on the phone, before any of this came out about Clowd being a troll.

  25. LT says:

    I mean a

  26. LT says:

    Grace get sage to send you my email address please.

    Sage Reply:

    Let’s move here:

    This one is starting to bog down.

  27. Grace says:

    I am open for both. However, I have since saw many forms of Bones since Sammy’s wordpress shut down.

  28. Grace says:

    LT, I have to apologize to you that I do not correspond with any chatters in here via emails. I only chat here.

  29. Grace says:

    I would like to always be anonymous. Please do not feel offended by my action.

    LT Reply:

    That’s cool. I told Sage exactly who I was, she knows who I am. I wanted to let her know I was not hiding anything.
    Scratch that email I just sent to you Sage, since Grace doesn’t want any of that info I can give her to help her.

    Grace Reply:

    LT, if you have sent it to Sage, that’s great.

    I am just here to help Sage also. I am no one special. Whenever I have new information, I forward the information to Sage. After all, she is the host here and I am not.

    As you can see, I have contributed quite a bit here. I have received many threats since my involvement. I hope you can understand that.

  30. Grace says:

    If you have addition information, email it to Sage.

  31. Wizcon says:

    Good morning! Just stopping to say Hi and leave again!

    Sage Reply:

    Good morning, Wizcon.

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