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Interim Rescue of Automakers Moves Forward in Congress

Why is it when it was banks and loan companies asking for bailouts nobody wanted to impose a bunch of restrictions on them but when the auto industry asks for help they get piled on? Could it possibly be a … Continue reading

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Simpson Sentenced to at Least 9 Years in Prison

Finally some accountability for O.J. Simpson Sentenced to at Least 9 Years in Prison By STEVE FRIESS Published: December 5, 2008 LAS VEGAS — O.J. Simpson, the one-time football great who was acquitted in perhaps the most-watched murder trial of … Continue reading

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Sammy, A Moi’s Faithful Supporter Part 3 by Grace

Part three by guest author GRACE. Did I tell you there is a part 3? This is another close examination on part Sammy’s profile I would like to start off by introducing a little about Kenyan judicial practice. Kenya was … Continue reading

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