Dagbladet.no gets no answers from Sammy Korir, instead is attacked with allegations

Below is a translated version of Dagbladet.no’s article entitled 41 kenyanere to work in the White House. Please use the link at the bottom of the article to read the complete article.

The tactic being used by Sammy is to make up more stuff rather than answer legitimate questions about his assertions. We saw some of the same behavior here last night….instead of answering questions we were “warned”.

Korir has not wanted to answer questions from Dagbladet.no if he has evidence for the allegations or about the 500 000 dollar will be taxed in Norway.

Instead of answering Dagbladet.no questions, he answered with claims that newspaper journalists have bought sex of Nigerian prostitutes in Oslo.

After Dagbladet.no described Michelle Obama-recording, Korir sent the following e-mail:

« It is made accusations that you have purchased the sexual services of a Nigerian woman who meet you on the street, Karl Johans.

Before the publication of this we give you the opportunity to come with your comment. “

When Dagbladet.no sent Korir new questions, he answered this way:

«1.I wonder if you are in the last 3 months have bought sex of 2 Nigerians women on Karl-Johan. What is your comment?

2. I wonder if you refuse or deny that the Nigerians and a woman have been together in an apartment in Greenland a month ago in which 2 second prostitute was?” ‘

3. Nigerians a prostitute says in the interview that you picked her from Diamanda bar in Oslo late one evening near Drønn Ingens gate. What is your comment on this?

You are a public person who writes about other, and after that we also received information from the girls about you, it is now appropriate to write about this.

We have finished interviewing her and would like to hear your side of the story.

Waiting for your comment. If we do not hear anything from you when we expect that you choose not to say you. Then we build the story from the girls said.

I can not deny PRO-Obama newspaper Dagbladet to write what they want about Obama. You write so happy and forgudder Obama that Obama has become a Norwegian President. “


The Dagbladet.no article refers to a Politico Article that states:

More recently, the blog attributed delays in airing the tape to threats and bribes, and asserted that it was in contact with the U.S. Embassy in Oslo to sort things out.

“The Embassy is not involved in any activity or investigation as described in this article and has no further information on the matter,” an embassy official, Marit Andersen, said in an e-mail. SOURCE

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