The claim that Rainbow Foundation is an NGO is not true….another Sammy Korir falsehood.

Thanks to Cartoon Pig Dog, Grace and Pokemon for the research on this.

On African Press International’s website, Sammy Korir makes the claim that the Rainbow Foundation is a member of NGO or Non Governmental Organizations.


Here is the same claim on the Rainbow Foundation page:

To put it bluntly that claim is a lie. A search on the NGO Norway page shows NO RESULTS for a search on Rainbow Foundation.


Here’s the link to NGO Norway

A search on WANGO shows NO listing for Rainbow Foundation:



You can go HERE and do a search of WANGO for Norway yourself.

I even did a search in Kenya just to cover all the bases even though Sammy calls the Rainbow Foundation the Norway chapter.

I also went to the United Nations Department of Public Information NGO listings and found nothing for Rainbow Foundation.

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