The API saga continues …anatomy of a scam LATEST UPDATE from API

Rada Mbulo shows up to say this is all a hoax.

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Sammy’s response to Rada:

Later Sammy Korir comes back and responds again, this time denouncing Rada , but not, evidently, until confronted about his nice reply to Rada:

And one person asks why of all the posts to respond to Korir responds to Rada.  Yes, it is odd, isn’t it?

And Sammy comes up with yet another tale in his Nov. 3 update:

Sammy is carefully setting things up for Fox and the lawyers to take the fall when he “can’t” post the tape on the Internet. I’m sure that contractually he will somehow just not be able to release the tape because of the legal implications.

africanpress Says:
November 3, 2008 at 3:35 pm

API will be making an announcement on the new course of action in the next 5 hours or so. In the meantime, we are unable to discus any details on the Michelle Obama tape.

Right now API is in serious discussions with lawyers on what must be done.

We understand that many people are loosing patience after waiting all this time to get the tape aired.

API has to act if Fox is not acting and we are very well aware the time is running out.

Legalities must be worked out and that is why we are locked in meetings.

We are occupied and will not be able to attend to any emails at this time.

We appreciate your support

Chief Editor Korir

In spite of the evidence that PROVES Chief Editor Korir is in fact one Sammy Korir he still has his groupies hanging on, hoping against hope that somehow Sammy will post the tape to the Internet and save them from the evil clutches of Barack Obama.  They turn a blind eye to the evidence and declare his past doesn’t matter.  I guess past deeds only matter if it’s Obama’s past deeds.

How does Sammy keep these people supporting him in the face of the fact he has strung them out for weeks now? He uses the tested and true method of making them part of his unit….they are all in it together. He “consults” with them and makes them think they are part of his decision making process. Lately the religious have been prominent at API so what does Sammy do?  He takes to posting scripture verses. Surely God is on his side, right?  And yet we see that Sammy went looking for investors in every Christian’s choice for a business….a bar.

Confidence men exploit human weaknesses such as greed, dishonesty, vanity, but they also tap into human virtues like honesty, compassion, or a naïve expectation of good faith on the part of the con artist. We have seen many of the API posters brag about being positive and not negative. What they are saying is I’m a better person because I refuse to deal with reality and shut my eyes to evidence that I am being scammed. I’m positive, not negative and therefore happier and better than you….ignorance is bliss, I guess.

Yes, Sammy has indeed tapped into human weakness…greed in those who want to see Obama defeated at all costs, dishonesty by those who know deep down inside they are being scammed but refuse to admit it and vanity by those he takes into his inner circle of decision making and personal contact. He has also tapped into the virtue of compassion by being the victim. He is being attacked by mean old people like me who are calling him out as the scam artist he is. It’s him and his circle of supporters against those who just refuse to believe. In many ways he is very like Obama. He encourages hope without ever delivering the thing that is hoped for. Just as Obama is all talk, so is Sammy Korir.  And like the Obama supporters the Sammy supporters have declared the dissenters as the enemy.

I’ve had a number of people ask me “why?” What is his motivation? Maybe it did just start out as a way to get people to his site in order to reveal the plight of his countrymen. But, we do know he tried to cash in on the increase in traffic by putting up an ad to sell handbags. We know he has harvested a lot of emails and some phone numbers. But, we may never know all of his motivations.

Sammy used the con man’s technique of creating an air of legitimacy by calling himself Chief Editor Korir (it’s a blog, dude, not the New York Times) and familiarity by interacting with his readers and drawing them into the process. And like all good con men he found his mark….those who are so desperate to defeat Barack Obama that they will buy anything. They are willing to put aside their critical thinking skills and see that they have been taken. They even declare that it doesn’t matter because they found “friends” when what they have found is other marks or shills.

Maybe this time the scam is relatively harmless…maybe. But the poor students Sammy took money from weren’t so lucky.

For those who still want to believe I want to warn you that you have become complicit in perpetrating the scam and for those who brag about being Christians and being trusting let me remind you that one of the gifts of the Spirit is discernment. You might want to pray for it.

UPDATE:  And now it’s the readers fault for recommending Fox News:

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13 Responses to The API saga continues …anatomy of a scam LATEST UPDATE from API

  1. Zana Darrow says:

    At some point he introduced an idea of a radio format and asked His “followers” if they were interested in joining him. I think it was saturday. Wonder what, if any, the angle is on that?
    This has all been kind of fasinating to me watching what I perceive as the manipulation of first his readers and also the citizens of at least 2 countries. I notice that “John Mc Cain” is also posting now too. What concerns me now is the phrases “riot” and Blood in the streets” has entered into the fray.
    All based on blind belief, a sort of rapture.

  2. Cinie says:

    Who’s Rada Mbula? What makes him/her any more trustworthy than Korir?
    (Don’t mind me, I just enjoy the drama of it all. Even though, Mbula’s denunciations would carry more weight if we knew who he/she was.)

  3. 1sleightofhand1 says:

    As to Korir:

    His true believers act like a protective phalanx. They are near always on site.. and often come across as quite worshipful.. I’d bet if you actually assessed the postings, the negatively disposed towards Korir comments would probably outnumber the positive by over two to one. That descrepancy widening over the period of the past two weeks. This is despite active purging of skeptical voices.

    I’m only watching in to see how many more jump off the bus..and how those remaining will justify their blind allegeance..despite not being delivered to upon a single promise.

    FOX quite obviously has grounds for litigation here… as does the attorney referenced.

    If nothing else, it has been a fascinating, if grueling study in human nature.

    I agree Mountain Sage, the psychology of these people is very similar to hardcare Obama supporters we’ve seen posting across the blogosphere throughout this election cycle….. That is a comparison that should give any critical thinking person pause if they plan to cast their ballot for the Democratic ticket.

    Were every child to lift their voice and cry out ‘the emperor is naked’ – it would be discounted as but the mere rustling of leaves.

    Where is sanity….?

  4. Zana Darrow says:

    It does read like a drama.

  5. I’m truly stunned at the people still believing. It defies description. :-)

  6. Cinie…I don’t know that Rada has any credibility, I just thought the reply from Korir strange and then 5 minutes later the denunciation.

  7. PS says:

    Count how many times he or one the followers said it will be soon, in 24 hours, in the morning, very soon, and on and on. Those that wanted to believe kept coming back hanging on to his every word….just like the “hope and change” mantra.

  8. PS…I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count that high. ;-)

  9. 1sleightofhand1 says:

    It appears the dam has finally broken…the rats are getting ready to all jump ship.

    My theory for a finale:…I think Korir might use the death of Barak’s grandmother as an excuse to not post the tape.(ie:’ I don’t want to cause further suffering to the family’ ). and try to burnish his ‘saintly’ credentials.

    He might try to kick it down the road to the EC vote in December though…

  10. That could definitely be possible. Yes, it’s looking like the rats are abandoning the ship. I got back in to post over there by the way.

  11. army101stvietnam says:

    Hey API ‘old’ gang — Cr@pSandwich is BACK in TRUE form! (under new name) lol Starts at #44. Don’t miss #92, 94, which ends on #118. roflmbo

    Enjoy! :D

  12. LOL…CrapSandwich is a hoot.

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