Feds probe effigy of noosed Palin

I wonder if Chad enjoyed his visit from the Secret Service?  I hope it scared him shitless.

Oct. 29, 2008 WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif.

Chad Morrisette never imagined his Halloween yard decorations would prompt interest from the Secret Service. But apparently hanging a mannequin of Republican vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin from a noose is not something to be ignored.

Agents recently visited Morrisette’s home to see the display and have been trying to meet him to ensure no violent plots have been concocted, Deputy Special Agent in Charge Wayne Williams said Tuesday.

The Secret Service’s duties include protecting presidential candidates as well as the president and vice president.

So far, he said, it seems to be a harmless though unusual display. “We’re not treating it as a threat,” he told The Associated Press. “Halloween presents some interesting challenges for us with the masks and costumes.

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  2. ridgeliner7 says:

    They have evidently taken that hideous thing down.

    It is too bad that Senator Obama couldn’t find it in his heart to join those who were outraged by this form of “self-expression”.

    Some might say that anything one has to say, expressed as violence, or depicting violence, isn’t such a valid point-of-view……

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  4. Janet says:

    Chad, not sure you will ever see this but thank you for in the end doing the right thing by taking this down. Even though you have the right to express yourself, sometimes it isn’t always the thing to do. Palin has a family, has children and in the end this display just isn’t right no matter how you look at it. Thanks for taking the high road.

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